Travel and Mental Health: 5 Ways Travelling Can Improve Your Happiness

Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram feed and marveled at the influencers who get to travel the world with smiles permanently plastered on their faces? Have you ever gone on a vacation and realized your smile hardly diminished?

Well, that’s because happiness is intrinsically linked to traveling. Here are 5 reasons why travel is good for your mental health.

Travelling Disrupts Your Routine

When you’re traveling, you rarely do the same activity every day. Also, while you’re on vacation, you’re breaking the 9-5 work grind that can, at times, feel tedious. By adding some novelty to your life, your brain can be experienced improved cognition and even activate reward centers.

While consistent routines can place you in a rut and spark depression and low energy levels, traveling can help you feel reinvented and happy by starting each day afresh.

Travelling Promotes Creativity

It’s hard to feel creative when you’re experiencing the same activities on a daily basis. However, when you’re traveling, you’re consistently introduced to new sights, smells, people, and experiences.

Because our brains react to new stimuli, traveling is a great way to enhance creativity and, in turn, promote happiness. Let’s see how traveling can improve …

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