Most amazing places to travel to in spring season

If you are tired of winter coldness ans grey colors all around, do not miss the chance to start your spring season somewhere beautiful and sunny. As you can remember we already told you about some of such places in our previous article.

Now let’s talf about other fantastic spots of our list!

Like a star in

Nobody has to be afraid of bad weather here: The sun should shine at least 350 days a year in Palm Springs. But while it can get extremely hot in the summer months a good 170 kilometers southeast of Los Angeles, the milder …

Towards the sun: best destinations to meet spring

After the gloomy winter months, holidaymakers dream of the sun. At these ten places they are illuminated – and there is also an opportunity to let off steam in the last snow. When planning your next spring vacation first do all preparations, like booking a flight or other suitable way of transportation in advance to choose the best offers. Also don’t forget to do a little research on how to find the best deals on accomodation and car rental at the place. So, below we collected some of such spots to feel the beauty of spring to the fullest!