Towards the sun: best destinations to meet spring

After the gloomy winter months, holidaymakers dream of the sun. At these ten places they are illuminated – and there is also an opportunity to let off steam in the last snow. When planning your next spring vacation first do all preparations, like booking a flight or other suitable way of transportation in advance to choose the best offers. Also don’t forget to do a little research on how to find the best deals on accomodation and car rental at the place. So, below we collected some of such spots to feel the beauty of spring to the fullest!

Wildflower blossom on Crete

Get out of your winter clothes and stretch your pale limbs towards the sun: On Crete this is already possible in early spring. In places like Balos Bay in the northwest of the Greek island, bathers might think they are in the South Seas, given the scenery – as long as they don’t dip their toes into the cool water averaging sixteen degrees Celsius. Crete connoisseurs use this time rather for hiking tours, for which it gets too hot in the summer months. In the extensive network of paths over plateaus and through gorges, visitors can enjoy a varied and brief backdrop: The highest peak in Crete, the Psiloritis, at 2455 metres, is often adorned with a snow cap until July, while spring rains allow wildflowers to blossom in many colours on the otherwise barren slopes below.

Petra and Wadi Rum, Jordan

One of the biggest attractions is the rock town of Petra in the south of the country, once a fortress and thriving commercial centre of the Nabataeans. Parts of the town, cut into the yellowish-red rocks, have been destroyed by weathering and erosion. But the play of light and colour in the rocks of the many magnificent buildings, above all the temple Al-Kazneh, is still fascinating. From Petra it is not far to the Wadi Rum, which with its rock and dune landscape served as the backdrop for the film classic “Lawrence of Arabia”. Active holidaymakers can go free climbing, hiking, jeep tours or swing through the landscape on camels and end the day in a Bedouin camp under the starry sky over the desert. Travellers should take the country-specific travel advice of the Foreign Office to heart.

These were just few of the destanations we wanted to tell you about! See the rest of most amazing places to travel to in spring season in our next post soon!